KK 12 FIC is a closed end fund created to invest in debt and equity instruments of companies related to the national productive sector.

It is closed end fund of moderate risk with a long term maturity.

It has more than USD 81 millions on assets under management in foreign currency.

Risk rating: AA3 granted by Pacific Credit Rating and AESA Ratings. 

Rating Interpretation:

Level AA3:
It corresponds to those Funds whose investment portfolio is concentrated in Securities, assets and other assets, with a high degree of quality and its administration is very good. Numeral 3 means that the investment fund quota is at the lowest level of the assigned rating.

Eligibility Criteria del emisor de valores para el fondo

In order to access K12 FIC financing, certain basic eligibility criteria must be met. Among the most important:

  • Belong to one of followig sectors of Bolivia´s productive area:
    • Agriculture and animal breeding, including Agro-Industry and Food Chain Supply
    • Hunting, Forestry and Fishing, including the sector's processing industry.
    • Extraction of crude oil and natural gas.
    • Mining and Oil Extraction.
    • Manufacturing industry.
    • Generation and distribution of electricity.
    • Construction.
    • Additionally, the Transport sector is added to the previous list, as long as it is directly related to the contribution to the Productive Sector.
  • Companies must be constituted and registered in Bolivia’s territory.
  • The firms must have their financial statements audited by specialized audit companies.
  • Comply with all tax obligations defined by the law.
  • Suitability and business prestige of both the economic unit and its directors and executives.
  • For future issuers considered to be medium-sized, it is necessary to meet at least two of the following requirements: Annual income above US$ 350,000, equity greater than US$ 200,000 and more than 30 employees.
  • For future issuers considered large, it is necessary to meet at least two of the following requirements: Annual income above US$ 5,000,000, equity greater than US$ 3,000,000 and have more than 100 employees.
  • Companies that are willing to comply with the eligibility criteria during the issuance of securities, as well as with the legal, financial and operational commitments that are required to protect the operation of the company and the subsequent generation of cash flow.

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The variability or profitability of the securities of the participation shares of the Investment Fund can be consulted on the website of the Bolivian Stock Exchange.