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Our History

Why did we create Marca Verde SAFI S.A.?

Por que
To design and manage investment funds aimed to finance companies or projects related to strategic sectors of the national economy and that are environment friendly.

This project was sponsored by a group of professionals linked to the structuring and supervision of diverse financial projects in the national and Latin America capital markets, which experience dates from the 90s, together with people related to the development of different business-oriented initiatives in the last twenty years.

Marca Verde SAFI S.A. was born with the vision to joint together both ends of the chain of investment; that is, professionals with the knowledge of the capital market and professionals of the resource recipient sector, inside multidisciplinary working teams that generate investment options for the capital market, with competitive yields adjusted to the risk profile of each investor.



Contribute to the development of strategic sectors of the national economy, through the design and the management of related Investment Funds.

In Marca Verde we believe in the national viability. We think that, through the finance of operation capital and investment for strategic sectors of the national economy, we can contribute simultaneously to generate an alternative of investment for the capital market and the generation of sustainable and quality employment for the country.

Provide innovative financial solutions to the development of strategic sectors of the national economy like agriculture, food industry, services, infrastructure, health, education and tourism, to name the most important ones.

Assets under Management, more than
million Bolivianos
on Agroperative FIC*
Assets under Management, more than
million US Dollars
in K12 FIC

Assets under Management, more than
million Bolivianos

* Agroperativo FIC was successfully settled on the 30 th of September 2021, the date of its maturity.

What we do

Management of
Investment Funds


It consists in the administration and management of Autonomous Equity designed and commercialized by Marca Verde to investors with different style and risk profile, based on regulations established beforehand.

This service allows the investor to delegate to Marca Verde the management and administration of his money in terms of a regulation; expecting the conformation of a standard portfolio of investment, in accordance with the risk profile and expected return.

Marca Verde designs and markets its own investment funds that serve as a financing tool for sectors of interest to society.

Investment Funds


It consists of the design of investment funds that serve as a financing tool for a project, sector, region, industry or economic unit.

This service allows us to evaluate the type of fund that could be placed in the market and then proceed to the drafting of the regulations and the specific investment policy of the fund. It includes, of course, the commercialization, administration and management of the portfolio while the fund exists.

The use of investment funds as a financing tool for economic units is an excellent alternative to isolate the characteristic risks of a project in a unit with independent management and ownership.


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