The FIC Agroperativo is a closed end fund created to finance working capital for the agricultural industries or for any company linked to the production of food in Bolivia .

It is a closed end fund of moderate risk with a short term maturity

Currently It has more than US$ 34 millions on assets under management in domestic currency.

Risk rating: AA3 granted by Pacific Credit Rating.

Rating Interpretation:

AA3 Level:
AA3 Level: AA corresponds to those Funds which allocated its resources on securities, properties an other assets, with a high degree of quality and its management skills are very good. The number 3 signifies that the value of the share is in the lowest level of the granted rating.


Following two extensions of its maturity, for two years each one, and approved by the Funds Stakeholders, Agroperativo FIC was settled on September 30th 2021 by liquidating successfully all the assets held by the Fund y redeeming the outstanding quotes. For more information get in touch by sending an e-mail to:

The variability or profitability of the securities of the participation shares of the Investment Fund can be consulted on the website of the Bolivian Stock Exchange .